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Frode Gjerløw is a London-based, award-winning actor, theatre director and multi-disciplinary artist.

Hailing from Sandefjord, Norway, Frode Gjerløw trained at the prestigious International Theatre school  Jacques Lecoq in Paris (2009-2011) before he moved to London. 

He co-founded Crank Theatre and Superbolt Theatre, and has proudly starred in and co-authored all their work. 

Following the international success of Superbolt's the Jurassic Parks, Frode has moved on to direct at Sogn og Fjordane Theatre in Norway, and in 2018 he completed his debut short film as a director, The Dam for Channel 4's Random Acts (UK).  

"In the end of the day it is the democratic power of the arts that inspire me. Theatre, film and art can give a voice to the voiceless, and hear those who are rarely heard. 

I am well on my way to finding a distinct voice in my practice, by living life well outside the cliques of the arts. 

If I want to make theatre about the world, I need to immerse myself in the world I am making theatre about. 

I firmly believe that the arts have the power to move the world forward, and that it's not the stories we repeat, but those we write that bring about the change we want to see."

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